Due to unprecedented times, we are asked to stay inside because of the rapid spread of the Covid-19. As the virus is airborne, we are asked to social distance and only go out if absolutely necessary. One thing that has really struck a lot of people is the closing of gyms, swimming pools, yoga studios and all activity-related businesses on a temporary basis. Because of this we are unable to get our workouts done and our body and mind are feeling the consequences.

Exercising is a natural pain reliever, it reduces stress and anxiety and it pumps our blood with a cocktail of hormones that alleviate pain and makes us feel happy and more relaxed. No wonder we are all feeling a tad more anxious, a bit more stressed – combine the lack of exercise with all the news we are constantly hearing from the media and you will get a recipe for disaster. Therefore the best time to starts exercising is right now – and you’re in luck, as we came up with a fun way to recommend the right type of exercising based on your interests!

So we decided to throw it all the way back, old school style and make this one fun!

Complete our quiz below and find below what home workout fits your personality and your lifestyle, so you can take advantage of this time we have to stay inside, to discover a new hobby!

  1. 1. What is the main reason you exercise?
a. To tone up & look good
b. To have fun
c. To de-stress and recharge
d. To grow muscle mass
  1. 2. What type of music you listen to unwind?
a. Rock music
b. Pop music
c. Soul music
d. Energetic music
  1. 3. It’s the weekend and you’re checking out a new restaurant. What sort of dish do you go for?
a. My usual go-to, I don’t know if I would like anything else!
b. Something new – I want to taste the whole menu!
c. I’m asking the waiter for a recommendation – they must know what’s good!
d. I’d usually go for something nutrient dense!
  1. 4. When working out, I can’t go without…
a. Headphones! I need my tunes!
b. My active wear set: I like to look good!
c. Relaxing music
d. My non-slip trainers
  1. 5. How does your ideal Friday evening look like?
a. Going to the cinema and then to a restaurant
b. Going out to the pub for a drink and a dance
c. Unwinding with a home cooked meal, a wine glass and a good book/ Netflix show
d. Out with some friends for laser tag!
  1. 6. Are you a morning person?
a. Yes and proud of it!
b. I’m more of a night owl!
c. If I have to!
d. I wake up before the alarm!
  1. 7. How do you de-stress?
a. Meeting friends/ family
b. With a good drink!
c. Meditating
d. A good workout would do that for me
  1. 8. Your spirt animal is…
a. Elephant
b. Panda
c. Dolphin
d. Lion
  1. 9. What type of music do you listen to when working out?
a. Workout –designed music
b. Anything with a good beat
c. Relaxing tunes
d. High energy music
  1. 10. What’s your ideal holiday?
a. Skiing in a picturesque setting with my own cabin
b. Camping with friends
c. Relaxing on a beautiful beach
d. Somewhere on a mountain so I can hike and climb as much as I wish!
Ready for your score?


Majority A: Workout Junkie
woman training with rope

You’re really into your workouts! You like to go hard or go home and it’s hard to intimidate you. You take your burpees and lounges seriously and you don’t let anyone distract you in the gym. You’re old school, meaning you love a good sweat session in the gym, involving cardio and weights training. We say ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’, so once you managed to find your routine, we suggest sticking to it. The temporary closure of gyms and activity centres must have been really hard for you. The good news is that you can be getting your workout done from home just as well! If you own dumbbells and/or cardio equipment that’s great! But if you’re stuck at home with no equipment, and have been trying to order home those dumbbells for weeks but they have been sold out, fear not!

Instead of those neoprene coated weights, go for peanut butter jars or big water bottles! You can use anything as weights as long as it’s made of plastic and unable to harm you if it falls. (Get your first aid kits here just in case.) Not only can you work on your arms, but at the same time as you’re working on your biceps, you could be doing lounges for your glutes and quadriceps in your legs! By combining upper body and lower body exercises, you make the most of your time and effort.

There are also numerous ways of working out with minimal or no equipment at all! You are able to target and involve different muscles when working with your own bodyweight. Think push-ups, air squats and burpees! These are also a few of the most effective ways to build muscle and tone up if done on a long term basis. A study done by the American College of Sports Medicine's Health and Fitness Journal found that working out using your own body weight is a very effective way to decrease body fat and boost muscular fitness.

There are numerus ways to get fit whilst working out with your own bodyweight, as there is a variety of free, instant accessible workout videos able to be found by anyone with a wi-fi connection, at any point in time, making working out from home a breeze!

Majority B: Dance Lover
woman practicing zumba

You’re an energetic, adventurous person, always up for some fun that never backs out of a challenge! You are the type of person to be the centre of attention because of your boldness, a true connoisseur in embracing the moment. Because of your restless personality, we suggest you try a dance workout! Whether you’re more of a ballroom dance lover or a street dance enthusiast, there are numerous ways to integrate music in your workout.

Some people are attracted by salsa dancing, with the focus on the hips, waist and legs; whilst other people enjoy the repetitive beat of a Zumba dance, able to engage multiple muscles at the same time through a series of dance moves strictly choreographed to the beat of the sound. Some people love belly dancing as a way to engage their core effectively, and some people throw it all the way back with swing dancing, very popular for the amount of calories burned through rapid movement!

And the best part is – you do not have to know how to dance! Most people enjoying dance as a form of exercise form their comfort of their own home are following a dance tutorial found on YouTube, mimicking and engaging their bodies in the same way the instructor does. Most of the instructors will do it whilst explaining the viewers how to - so you never have to feel as if that’s not for you or that you have 2 left feet. You can also engage multiple muscles at the same time if you decide to, by adding hand dumbbells to your dance routine. Or, if you have none, grab some canned goods or milk jugs and go to town! There are many different household objects you can use so you can mix & match the muscles you’d like to engage!

Get your groove on and stay fit at the same time!

Majority C: Mindfulness Enthusiast
woman practicing yoga

You are calm and collected, just like the type of exercise we are going to suggest you try. You’re at your best after you get some me-time and you know first-hand how important it is to relax your body and your mind in equal measure. You love unwinding with a good book and a glass of wine and your group of friends are always coming to you for rational, unrushed advice as you are good at it!

We recommend trying yoga (if you aren’t already passionate). Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise/meditation, with its roots in deep Indian philosophy. It’s been around for more than 5000 years and it includes meditation, physical postures and breathing techniques so as to better the mind and the body at the same time. Anyone and any-body can benefit from trying out this ancient method of exercising, as it could also dub as stretching the body before and/or after a workout.

There are several types of yoga, and to a first timer, it can seem intimidating to begin with. But like any other form of movement, it gets easier the more you practice.

Yoga isn’t one of those vigorous workouts that you will sweat buckets from, but it is a type of workout that engages muscles, helps the body with flexibility and sets the mind on a new path, making it one of the most intense activities that relaxes you at the same time as working you. We find all our videos on YouTube, where all the creators are sharing their free tips to mastering the exercise!

Majority D: HIIT warrior
man and woman training

You really are a warrior! You love your greens and you love your protein equally! You feel at home surrounded by workout gear and heavy weight lifting grunting. You believe that working on yourself is a need and it’s your goal to be able to have your own gym at home! For gym bunnies such as yourself we’d recommend doing HIIT workouts!

An HIIT workout involves short bursts of intense activity followed by less intense recovery times. There have been studies showing that despite the short length of this workout style, it can produce health benefits twice as much as the moderate intensity ones, making this one of the most effective ways if your goal is to lose body fat or to gain muscle mass!

If you have never done this type of exercise before, we recommend starting slow and working your way up, as well as stretching and warming up before the workout, and subsequently cooling down after. This way, your body won’t get ‘shocked’ by the burst of intense exercise – that is an unhealthy and potentially dangerous way to approach such activity! Try and follow the instructors from the online videos you can find on Youtube to a tea, as they are teaching ways of taking care of your body whilst pushing it to get results!

It’s an overall great way to lose yourself and to push your body to its full potential!

In the end, we strongly suggest you are prepare for anything when taking up a new type of workout. Even if it doesn’t sound dangerous, the elements can come together to make it dangerous so never forget to stock up on bandages, plasters and Sports’ First Aid Kits, as you never know when you might need them.

Stay safe and have fun!