Medical Supplies

Browse our medical supplies category for a huge range of treatment accessories, including scalpels, cannulae, thermometres and stethoscopes.
90m2 Fold Paper for CT3000i 90m2 Fold Paper for CT3000i £6.10 (Ex VAT)
Seca 201 Measuring Tape Seca 201 Measuring Tape £6.35 (Ex VAT)
Pillow Pillow £6.80 (Ex VAT)
Plastic Pillowcase Plastic Pillowcase £6.95 (Ex VAT)
Plastic Cups Plastic Cups £7.20 (Ex VAT)
Percussor Buck Hammer Percussor Buck Hammer £7.35 (Ex VAT)
Hunter Splinter Forceps Hunter Splinter Forceps £7.40 (Ex VAT)
Measures (80) 50ml Measures (80) 50ml £7.45 (Ex VAT)
Noots Aluminium Ear Tank Noots Aluminium Ear Tank £8.05 (Ex VAT)
Stainless Steel 50ml Stainless Steel 50ml £8.10 (Ex VAT)
Percussor Queens Square 10 Percussor Queens Square 10 £8.95 (Ex VAT)
Diastix (Packs of 50) Diastix (Packs of 50) £10.10 (Ex VAT)
Ultrasound Gel Ultrasound Gel £10.25 (Ex VAT)
Stainless Steel 100ml Stainless Steel 100ml £10.70 (Ex VAT)
Polypropylene Urinal Polypropylene Urinal £11.50 (Ex VAT)