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Medical Supplies

We have a range of medical supplies which provide the basics for medical treatment and evaluation. These supplies are ideal for GPs, hospitals, private clinics, dentists, nursing homes, schools and more.
Percussor Buck Hammer Percussor Buck Hammer £7.93 (Ex VAT)
Stainless Steel 100ml Stainless Steel 100ml £11.55 (Ex VAT)
Ear Syringe Ear Syringe £15.01 (Ex VAT)
Mini-Wright Peak Flow Meter Mini-Wright Peak Flow Meter £17.11 (Ex VAT)
Spring Action Ring Cutter Spring Action Ring Cutter £24.94 (Ex VAT)
Syringes (Pack of 100) 1ml Syringes (Pack of 100) 1ml £24.94 (Ex VAT)
Crutches Crutches £36.07 (Ex VAT)
Omron M2 Compact BP Meter Omron M2 Compact BP Meter £59.34 (Ex VAT)
Disposable Kidney Bowl Disposable Kidney Bowl £68.36 (Ex VAT)
Omron M3 BP Meter Omron M3 BP Meter £71.60 (Ex VAT)
Infant Disposable Urinal Infant Disposable Urinal £83.97 (Ex VAT)
Gas-Lift Stool Gas-Lift Stool £144.82 (Ex VAT)
3 Tier Trolley 3 Tier Trolley £162 (Ex VAT)
Omron 705IT BP Monitor Digital Omron 705IT BP Monitor Digital £183.54 (Ex VAT)