Find the answers to some of the commonly asked questions we receive, including delivery, order and returns information. If you can’t find an answer to your question here, call our Customer Services team on 0845 872 0141.


How long does delivery take?

We aim to deliver within 2-3 working days if all items are in stock.

Where is my order?

Your order should be with you within 2-3 working days from the day you placed the order with us.

Why have I only received some of my products?

We’re sorry about this; occasionally we run out of stock on our more popular items. When this happens, we send the rest of the order ahead so that it is delivered to you as quickly as possible. Please rest assured that the missing product will be on its way to you as soon as we get it back in stock. Please contact if you would like a delivery update.

Why does my receipt say ‘incomplete’?

We’re sorry about this; it means that part of your order has gone out of stock since you put your order through. We have sent the rest of your items ahead so that you receive them as quickly as possible, and we will send the final item to you as soon as it comes into stock. If you have any further questions, please contact

Can I change the address for an order placed online?

Of course! Please find the confirmation email that you were sent when you placed the order and reply to this email with the new address where you would like to receive your order. We will then update the information on your order.

What should I do if an item is missing from my order, but it says it has been delivered?

We’re sorry to hear this has happened. Please email with your order number, the product code and quantity missing from your order so we can look into this straight away.


Am I able to return the item that I have ordered?

Yes. In order to do so, please email with your order number, product codes and quantity you would like to return. Once we receive this from you, we will arrange for a returns number and will email you with the details.

What should I do if my item arrives damaged?

We’re sorry to hear this has happened and would like to sort this out for you as soon as possible. Please email with your order number, an image of the damaged item and a brief description of the damage. Once we have this email, we will arrange for a replacement to be sent out to you.

Product Information

If a product is out of stock, how long will it take to be back in stock?

Please contact with the product code and they will provide more detail on this.

How can I find out the dimensions of a product?

All our dimensions can be found on our website in the product description. Please contact our customer services team on 0845 872 0141 or at if you would like any further information.

AEDs (defibrillators)

What is the difference between a fully and semi-automatic defibrillator?

There are two types of AEDs: semi-automatic AEDs and fully-automatic AEDs. Semi-automatic models will inform the user if the casualty requires defibrillation and if so, will instruct the user to press a “shock” button.
Fully-automatic models do not require the user to press any buttons to deliver a shock. If the AED determines that a shock is required, it will deliver the shock itself. Both types of AED will only allow a shock to be delivered if one is required.

What storage should I order for my defibrillator?

Storing your AED safely to protect it from damage is crucial and we have a number of solutions to help with this:

  • Wall bracket: HypaGuard Defibrillator Wall Bracket A984R

  • Indoor cabinet: HypaGuard AED Tall Wall Cabinet with Key Lock (K901), HypaGuard AED Tall Wall Cabinet with Thumb Lock (K903) and HypaGuard AED Standard Wall Cabinet Alarmed (C855)

  • Outdoor cabinet: HypaGuard Outdoor Heated Defibrillator Cabinet (K918)

What defibrillators do you supply?

We offer Schiller defibrillators, either seperately or as a station or bundle packages. Please go to our AED page to see the full range.