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Sick Bags & Bowls

Sick bags and bowls are an essential requirement in a wide range of settings including schools, buses, coaches, care homes, hospitals, and for those travelling long distances by car. We offer a range of sick bowls and bags for the clean and safe containment and disposal when vomiting occurs. Our airline style sick bags are particularly popular at home, in the car or at work and come in both small and large pack sizes.
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Price (Inc VAT)
Disposable Sick Bowls Disposable Sick Bowls £0.30 (Ex VAT)
Sick Bags, Pack of 25 Sick Bags, Pack of 25 £2.75 (Ex VAT)
Vomit Bags, Pack of 100 Vomit Bags, Pack of 100 £8.75 (Ex VAT)
Premium Sick Bowls Premium Sick Bowls £3.24 (Ex VAT)
Sick Bowls (Pack of 200) Sick Bowls (Pack of 200) £75.06 (Ex VAT)