Schiller FRED-PA1 in a defibrillator cabinet; someone performs CPR; someone connects defibrillator pads to a casualty

AEDs are life-saving medical devices designed to be used in emergencies by any individual, first aid trained or otherwise. They can be used by you – or anyone – in an emergency to resuscitate a casualty.

It’s important that an AED is stored alongside the correct equipment to enable effective use. Comprehensive AED bundles are a great way to ensure you have everything you need in an emergency.

What accessories will you find with an AED bundle?

Bundles make AED ownership completely hassle-free and are recommended over standalone units for user convenience. Here’s what you’ll typically find in an AED bundle:


As you might have guessed, the primary item in any AED bundle will be the unit itself. First Aid Online offers the Schiller FRED PA-1 AED as our premium defibrillator, as we find it to be the most effective and easy to use defibrillator on the market.

The FRED PA-1 turns on immediately when the device cover is lifted, and the electrode pads are pre-connected to make operation as quick and easy as possible. Through a combination of clear, repeatable audio instructions and simple illustrations, the user is guided through the process of using the device.

Defibrillator wall bracket or cabinet

A wall-mountable AED bracket or wall-mountable AED cabinet is the best way to store your defibrillator so that it’s easily visible and accessible.  A wall mounting bracket is a simple way to publicly store your AED unit for use, while a cabinet offers the additional benefit of protecting the AED from damage or tampering.
Cabinets and brackets come in a variety of styles. These include:  

AED Defibrillation & CPR informational posters

An informational defibrillation and CPR first aid poster is a great way to remind users of proper techniques for life-saving CPR and AED usage. This poster can be used as a quick reference guide in an emergency or simply serve as a reminder in the workplace.

AEDs are designed to be easy to use by anyone, regardless of how much training they’ve received. An AED for untrained personnel poster guides untrained individuals on the simple process of using an AED and can give them the confidence needed to act in an emergency. 

Trained personnel identification sign

Having signage nearby can greatly increase the visibility of your AED, making it much easier to find in an emergency. There are several kinds of useful signs included in an AED bundle, such as:
  • AED Trained Personnel Sign – This sign clearly identifies the location of an AED and includes space to write the names of the personnel who have received AED training.
  • Nearest AED Sign – This sign is useful for displaying the location of the nearest AED in an office or public space. It also includes space to write the name of the person in charge of the AED’s maintenance.
  • AED Defibrillator Heart Restarter Sign – This sign very clearly indicates the location of your AED, increasing its visibility. 

AED Responder Kit

AEDs are only one part of performing effective life-saving CPR. A defibrillator is only useful when used in conjunction with chest compressions and rescue breaths, which is why our AED bundles include a portable AED responder kit. The responder kit includes:
  • Pocket Face Mask – This handy CPR tool goes over the nose and mouth of the casualty and creates a seal, making rescue breaths easier, more hygienic and more efficient.
  • Alcohol-free Moist Wipes – These hygienic wipes can be used to clean resuscitation tools before CPR is administered.
  • Foil Blanket – Foil Blankets help to regulate a casualty’s body temperature if they’re in the cold. It’s also useful to make a casualty more comfortable after they’ve regained consciousness and you’ve been instructed to stop CPR by a paramedic.
  • Nitrile Gloves – These disposable gloves help to prevent cross contamination when performing CPR on a casualty.
  • Clothing Cutters – Heavy duty clothing cutters are used to remove a casualty’s clothing so that AED pads can be placed on their skin.
  • Disposable Razor – A disposable razor is included to shave a casualty’s body hair in the case that it would obstruct the AED pads’ ability to make contact with the skin. 

What else should be kept with an AED?

While our AED bundles offer everything you need to ensure your defibrillator is easily accessible in an emergency, there are a few other AED Accessories you can keep handy to make sure it’s always operational. These include:
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