TurtleSkin is our patented aramid fabric, woven in the USA by Warwick Mills Inc. Aramids are a class of robust synthetic fibers used in military, aerospace and ballistic applications. TurtleSkin fabric has the world’s tightest weave, meaning it can be light, breathable and nearly impenetrable all at the same time.

Warwick Mills Inc. factory in New Hampshire USATurtleSkin has many varied uses, from puncture-resistant protective clothing to more sophisticated body armour used by law enforcement officers and the military. TurtleSkin fabric is also used in some bicycle tyres and yacht sails to prevent punctures and tearing, and our fabric was even used as part of NASA’s Mars landing vehicle to protect it while it explored the rough surface of Mars!

Warwick Mills, based in New Hampshire, USA, is renowned as one of the world’s few technical weaving companies. Employing 130 staff, they have been a family-run business since 1870, when they started out by producing denim workwear. Warwick Mills is committed to developing new technologies in both fabric and weaving – their system of integrated development and manufacturing efficiently transfers the results of research into the full-scale production of market leading products.

The benefits of TurtleSkin

1. Abrasion Resistance

Coated TurtleSkin gloves resist abrasion 11 times longer than leather and over 40 times longer than aramid knit of equal thickness.

2. Dexterity

The unique thickness of TurtleSkin patented aramid knit material makes our gloves the most flexible, dexterous and protective available.

3. Range

The extensive TurtleSkin glove range provides safety glove solutions for any environment or application.

4. Cut Protection

TurtleSkin’s outstanding cut resistance far exceeds that of any other flexible lightweight material available. Our gloves offer almost 5 times the cut resistance of other aramid gloves and over 25 times that of leather gloves.

5. Maintenance

Most TurtleSkin gloves are machine washable for ease of maintenance. With their unmatched durability, our gloves may be used time and time again without the need to replace them.

6. Cost

Our gloves are the most cost-effective safety gloves available to protect workers from dangerous injuries. No other glove offers the same benefits as a TurtleSkin at a competitive price.

7. Puncture Protection

While cut resistant gloves are not a new technology, most fail to also offer any puncture protection. TurtleSkin gloves offer both puncture and cut resistance at less than the thickness of three sheets of paper. Our patented material provides vital protection without sacrificing flexibility, sensitivity or comfort. We offer four puncture protection levels, measured based on the resistance offered against a 1.27mm solid steel needle.

Work with confidence and keep your hands safe from sharp threats

TurtleSkin Safety Gloves provide superior cut and puncture protection from sharp threats. These PPE gloves and sleeves are designed to protect workers’ hands and arms from sharp objects. Choose from a variety of protection levels suited to your working environment and work with confidence, knowing your hands are safe from threats.

TurtleSkin Safety Gloves are effective at protecting against many common dangerous objects like wire, needles, glass fragments and metal shards.


Gloves for law enforcement

TurtleSkin Police and Law Enforcement Gloves represent the cutting edge in high performance protection. Our gloves offer police and corrections officers advanced needlestick resistance and cut protection.

While no police glove is completely impervious to every puncture and cut, TurtleSkin Police and Law Enforcement Gloves provide the highest level of cut and hypodermic needle resistance available.

TurtleSkin Puncture Resistant Law Enforcement Gloves


TurtleSkin Puncture Resistant Safety Gloves


TurtleSkin Alpha, Bravo and Duty Gloves - An Introduction

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